HMV appears on these lists:

  1. Wonderflunks
  2. Second recession casualties
  3. Bry's List "Expensive"
  4. Cheeeeeriooooh "sells things we don't want anymore."
  5. Marks List "I mean come on double the price of"
  6. Carpys List
  7. My List
  8. Selected Somewhat Randomly
  9. zmonster
  10. bustage
  11. Bustage
  12. Cash store in the Attic
  13. I made this
  14. Money is outdatted - but you can still buy canned food and guns :D "but who will feed the poor doggy?"
  15. jessops
  16. Sue and Robyn
  17. Pauls Picks "It's one thing to be more expensive than an online shop, but to be more expensive than your OWN online shop, and sometimes massively so...That's just taking the mickey!!"
  18. List
  19. Retail I P
  20. Therightlist
  21. Joes List
  22. winifer
  23. badreich
  24. Alan_Entry "Their ideas of rejuvenating the shops are ridiculous"
  25. 1 Axe To Cull Them All
  26. LD List
  27. Whaddya think
  28. My List
  29. Ashens
  30. The Fat Ladies Choir
  31. Nothing lasts forever.. "Heh. Laptop & Headphone sales won't keep you afloat forever.."
  32. Nethwatch
  33. visidigi
  34. Happy Predictions
  35. takreem "The Vinyl Countdown"
  36. Shie Shutting Down Shops
  37. HammerToFall "What? Actually buy a physical cd?!"
  38. kb pics
  39. Oh dear
  40. paddy without power
  41. TC's List O' Death "Just like iTunes, except more expensive and made out of bricks. Free coaster with every music sale!"
  42. Death List 2012
  43. marshs
  44. BUBYE
  45. Death List tandp "Time to go, overpriced and outlived its time"
  46. Moose2000
  47. Shop-shape "obsolete"
  48. nearly deads
  49. Goat's Going List
  50. Chopper'83